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Meet your Genealogist: Winfield Harlow

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Winfield Scott Harlow has been approved by the Board of Directors to take on the duties as the Association's new Genealogist.

In working with Elmer over the past few years, Winfield has had the opportunity to work with the genealogical records and to learn the process of recording information under Elmer's filing system.

Winfield has worked on the development of our web site and he has plans to increase its capabilities to electronically obtain genealogical information from cousins who prefer to correspond via the Internet.

Winfield has computerized the first five generations of information from our book and will continue to include all of the generations up to the present day. The database will be used to produce more books in the future. The second book will include the sixth and seventh generations and listing the children of the eighth generation.

After Winfield gets comfortable and organized in his new role as Genealogist, he will form a Genealogy Committee to assist him with data entry, gathering and verifying information, and compiling / editing our next book.

Volunteers who are interested in becoming members of the Genealogy Committee should contact Winfield to let him know.


Winfield Harlow

483 Grange Road

North Smithfield, RI 02896-8169

Telephone:(401) 766-3598

Genealogy Quote!

Written By: Winfield Harlow, Genealogist

After the 2004 reunion, my family stayed in Plymouth on Monday in order to do some tourist activities, as is our tradition. My six year old son, Samuel and I got a chance to visit some downtown shops to do one of our favorite activities, antiquing. Being from different generations we don't share exactly the same interests so we try to divide up our time between our favorite sections of the store. Well I guess I was taking a little longer than I should looking at some books, so Samuel asked me what I was looking at. I replied that I found some books about Genealogy and that I would be done in a few minutes. He gave a sigh and said, "Dad, someday that Genealogy stuff is going to give you a fever." I've been feeling a little warm lately, so I put the book down and followed him across the store to a box of baseball cards. I thought that my son had a very profound predication, as I later found my way back to take another look at those books.

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