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Elmer Harlow Retires as Genealogist

Elmer G. Harlow Jr. has retired as our Genealogist. After serving our association as the keeper of our family records since about 1979, Elmer has decided that it is time to step down from the position of Genealogist and as he puts it "Let the younger generation take over". During Elmer's tenure as our Genealogist he has been instrumental in gathering information and records from many cousins from across the country and beyond. Elmer has assembled over 50 loose leaf volumes of genealogical information for many lines of descent from Sgt. William Harlow to the current generations. Elmer with the help of a Genealogy Committee and Book Editor, Alicia Crane Williams published the first five generation book of Sgt. William Harlow. Over the years, Elmer has provided the Harlow Happenings Editor with the Births, Marriages and Death announcements from information sent to him. Elmer will continue to mentor Winfield Harlow as he takes over the position and responsibilities as our new Genealogist. Elmer and Winfield have worked together over the past ten years gathering information, finding cousins, computerizing the first five generations of information and developing new contacts with cousins who visited our web site. Elmer encourages all cousins to send their information directly to Winfield as he will now be responsible for the upkeep of our association's genealogical records. Thank you Elmer for your years of service as our Genealogist. We appreciate the countless hours and tremendous effort that you put into making the Sgt. William Harlow Family Association a strong well documented organization that will last for many years and generations to come.

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