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Help with Family Genealogy

We could use your help!

Genealogy Helper is a new feature that will appear in the Harlow Happenings and on our web site. At times, I receive obituaries, returned mail or inquiries for cousins that are not in our current membership listing or that I'm unable to find in our family records. A search through our records can be very time consuming which takes away from the time that I need to index and digitally archive these files. This feature will list the information that we know, which can be very limited, and then invite our cousins to help us further investigate the case or report facts that they might already have.

Each case will be assigned a number based on when it first appears in the Harlow Happenings or posted on our web site (ex; first case of this year, posted in January would be 2006-01-1 the second case posted in January would be 2006-01-2 etc ). Cases will be marked as 'Solved' and new information printed in the Harlow Happenings and posted to our web site as it becomes available.

Remember to provide full names and complete dates and places when known. Also, provide full source references when available and refer to the case numbers when replying. Please email all information to Winfield Harlow - Genealogist or

snail mail to: Winfield Harlow 483 Grange Road North Smithfield, RI 02896

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